I argue thee that love is life. And life hath immortality.

– Emily Dickinson –

I hear a lot of people muttering about Immortality under their breath.
What are the outcomes? How high are the stakes?
What does it mean to become immortal?
Some will say that the first immortal is already alive.

There is too much at stake, so much that humanity as we know it today is at the risk of extinction.
Let’s do the Abstract Math.

A Human is a complex structure with a large set of functions and attributes.
Here’s a possible abstract representation:

Physical View

The Material and the Energy

The shell or the body, responsible for the physical aspect. Including electricity, anatomy, hormones, senses…
The human body is made out of billions of cells, each equipped with advanced nanotechnology, all inhabiting the 80% water of our body.

The Data

The personality, the mind, the ideas, the thoughts, the memories, the imagination. The living experience generates data and affects the human psychology.
A memory is a piece of written and persisted information. The data fragments can be persisted in multiple forms: photon, electron or even dark matter.

Data View
Soul View

The Soul and other unknown composites

Including the hard-coded instinct or intuition, the spirit and everything science fails to define or denies its existence.

An operational human being – naively put – is the perfect balance between the function of The Material (body) that is powered by a more or less stable Energy interchanging with surrounding Data (ideas, memory, imagination, observation), under the constant supply of The Soul. If the soul ceases to exist, the process stops – or the other way around.
When two instances of Human meet, they will start interacting and exchanging, thus they will connect and they are capable of creating a new instance of Human.

A recent study gives credence to the idea that our physical systems correlate with our energy-informational structures (souls). “We are talking about energy-informational structure as an objective space-field structure, interconnected with human body, but existing independently of it, particularly for some definite time after death. This structure originates from the birth and changes in the process of morpho-genetic synergism.

What is an Immortal?

Science has proven, through experiments on mice and rats, that the capability of procreation must be dropped in order to become immortal. You can read more about the subject here.
Becoming immortal means inevitable modifications in the core of The Material (DNA). The outcome of such changes are unknown.
As a result, the notion of time is altered. For instance, the bacteria and the viruses inhabiting an immortal may survive and develop in an unusual way becoming potentially deadly for mortals, and thus making it impossible to live in the same environment along side immortals.

Following the same logic, an immortal becomes the function of an altered Material (modified DNA), powered by an unspecified nature of Energy, interchanging with an altered local memory, initially designed to expire, in which case The Data becomes corrupted and unreliable.
The way Immortals behave, speak or exchange information is obsolete for a mortal. The interaction between mortals and immortals is even more limited and biologically near impossible.


The way I see it, today there are many challenges that we should take on before even considering Immortality a challenge.
With all the technological and scientific advance that we have made so far, yet no one is capable of creating true human blood outside a human host.
We have not been able to learn how to live together, our intuition will continuously push us to kill and steal.

To Unite remains the main and unique challenge.

Landing on Mars is seemingly the next step for humanity. Mars is one of the nearest planets in our tiny solar system, we yet know so little of it.
We only recently learned how to listen to gravitational waves. We can now listen to space, one step further than gazing.
We are continuously making theories on black holes but the nearest one is light-years away, far from receiving human guests.
Exploring immortality is currently a waste of energy and resources which are supposed to help us getting to the next level.

If you are often asking yourself the eternal questions on how we got here or where do we come from, then immortality is not the answer.
I ask myself « How relevant and useful would be my 1 Million years’ experience if the environment I live in is yet the ever changing earth? »
The answers are held within the smallest particle. Look within, and you will realize that we are already Immortals in our own way.

Immortality is not a debate, it’s an epidemic.

Immortals are not Gods, they are Zombies!

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Hassan Safieddine
April 12th 2016 4 PM

Pictures Credits : Wikipedia